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239 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012 / 212-787-3903

PVC is an alternative coffeehouse offering live and live-stream entertainment in New York City,
presenting folk, blues, jazz, rap, poetry, spoken word, storytelling, theater and dance since 1979.
We shine a spotlight on social issues and artists from underrepresented cultures.

Peoples Voice Cafe

Alcohol-free ~ Fully Wheelchair Accessible

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Masks are no longer required as of March 23

  • We will continue to offer KN95 or other high quality masks to anyone who wants one.
  • We use three HEPA air purifiers within the Assembly Hall.
  • We offer livestream shows whenever possible.

  • Saturday, April 20, 2024, at 8pm:

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    Ben Bath
    Ben is a musical polymath with backgrounds in classical music and ethnomusicology. In addition to his training on the piano, on the cello, in composition, and in conducting, Ben is an independent research scholar of early American hymnody and continues to do work in the contemporary experimental music scene in New York City. He studied vocal performance, composition, and choral conducting at Bard College. Ben connects his music with social and political commitments. To this end, he has formed and led multiple movement-based choirs and ensembles with the goal of uplifting working-class and left-wing musical traditions from around the world.

    Dilson Hernandez
    Dilson is a Dominican-American performing artist from the Bronx. His talents include creative writing, playing various instruments, spoken-word poetry, singing, and digital production. Dilson is in the process of revising his one-man show, Bachatú, and will soon release his first music project, The Bachatú EP. In 2019, Dilson was named the Resident Artist for the open mike series Inspired Word, and made his Off-Broadway debut at the Triad Theatre, where he performed Bachatú. Dilson has composed for a variety of Off-Broadway productions such as Guadalís del Carmen's Bees and Honey (MCC Theatre) and Julissa Calderon's Vámonos! (Intar Theatre). Dilson wishes to change the world with his art and community work, striving for a more progressive and creative future. Toward that end he has taught English in Haiti, built dorm spaces for underprivileged children in rural India, and led music workshops and advocated at courtrooms for incarcerated youth in New York City, via Youth Justice Network.

    VeraForLove is a singer/songwriter passionate about empowering people within our community to create positive change through music and humility. She is actively involved in the Peace Movement, collaborating with Nevada Desert Experience, an interfaith organization dedicated to abolishing the production of modern weaponry and nuclear weapons. She serves on the board of Pace e Bene, an organization focused on bringing nonviolence education to address social and environmental issues.

    Jendog Lonewolf
    Jendog Lonewolf is a Two Spirit Black Native Photographer, Hip Hop Lyricist, and Cultural Worker from Bushwick, Brooklyn, who navigates a myriad of spaces, challenging stereotypes and issues at the intersections of class, race, gender and sexuality. She's gracefully shared stages with Harry Belafonte, Nile Rodgers, Desmond Tutu, and Joan Baez, worked with Grammy winner Dan Zanes on two Hip Hop/Folk songs, including a LeadBelly tribute for Smithsonian Institute's Folkways Records, toured South Africa, Sri Lanka, UK, Toronto, US, and Cambodia with YaliniDream as the duo Brooklyn Dreamwolf, and is a proud member of the Peoples' Music Network for Songs of Freedom and Struggle, their Steering Committee, as well as Great Labor Arts Exchange (GLAE) Next Generation Team.

    Judson Memorial Church
    Assembly Hall (not the main sanctuary on West 4th St.)
    239 Thompson Street, between West 3rd and West 4th Streets
    New York NY 10012


    to West 4th St./Washington Square - south exit
    Walk three blocks east to Thompson Street; turn left. (3 minutes)

    All shows start at 8 PM, Saturdays. Doors open at 7:15.
    No reservations, so come early to be assured a seat.

    Suggested contribution: $20. Friends of PVC*: $12. Students & Youth: $12
    Folk Music Society of NY Members: $12. Judson Memorial Church Members: $12
    More if you choose, less if you can't. No one turned away for lack of money.
    * Friends of PVC include monthly sustainers, regular volunteers, Collective members,
    performers and people who donate at least $30.

    Wheelchair accessible (including bathrooms). For info call 212-787-3903.

    Saturday, April 27, 2024, at 8pm:

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    Val Kinzler
    Aurally Records recording artist/songwriter/rock mommy/NYC alt-rocker/educator/animal lover/music community organizer/real world influencer, the inclusive Val Kinzler is a music warrior who unites people. Legendary boogie-woogie singer/keyboardist Dr. John gave her the heroic name of "Valkyrie," a mythical Scandinavian warrior woman. When she was a child, the popular classmates would ask, "Why do you want to hang out with them?" (referring to the unpopular kids). Val's mission is "to rescue war-torn heroes and working class zeroes from the injustices of our times, and reward them with poetic immortality in Valhalla." This resonates with her work in music, educational programs, and with "NYC Women Who Rock." Val Kinzler has released five albums.

    "Nothing Sacred About Hatred"

    Billygoat is Michelle Segre, Jennifer Sirey and Kathryn Lewis. With plucked strings, slide, keys and percussion, their original songs employ haunting, lyrical harmonies to evoke everything from perky despair to transcendent, cosmic optimism. Hailing from New York City, their musical roots are a diverse mix of English Psych Folk, American Old Time, and the dissonant sounds of a Post-Punk generation.

    Saturday, May 4, 2024, at 8pm:

    Violizzy & Friends
    Violizzy is a prolific violinist/fiddler/singer-songwriter focused on the environment, labor, and other social struggles. She has spent her career combining politics with the healing power of music, simultaneously lifting the spirits of her audiences and helping to educate others. Violizzy is a member of Bluestone 739, The Val Kinzler Band, the UNSCR Symphony Orchestra, the Queer Urban Orchestra, ARTivistUS, the People's Music Network, the NYC Labor Chorus, and is the President on the Board of Directors of Performance Wellness Inc, a non-profit organization that trains and works with people who want to learn the Dr. Louise Montello Method of Performance Wellness. This evening Violizzy will be joined by Stephen Hodorowski, Carol Daly, Alice Dow, Trevor Hochman, Judy Gorman and Cara Schwarz.

    Photo by Susan Wilson

    Kim Wallach
    Kim Wallach writes original songs that cover the gamut from book banning, refugees, and racial injustice, to the health benefits of pets, all graced with some hard earned wisdom, and an out-of-left-field sense of humor. With considerable skills on guitar, banjo and piano, Kim is sure to surprise and delight new listeners and old friends.
    "Wallach's delightful contradictions - a deadpan demeanor interwoven with her coyly comical delivery... clear, pure soprano... an air of innocence saturated in satirical glee." -- The Boston Globe

    "The Convenience Store at Night"

    Saturday, May 11, 2024, at 8pm:

    Genny Haley & Steve Suffet: 60th Year Reunion

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    On a warm Sunday afternoon in 1964, two teenage folkies, each with a guitar in hand, found one another by the fountain in Washington Square Park. They hung out together that summer, frequenting the movie houses of Greenwich Village, picnicking in Central Park, watching the July 4th fireworks from a rooftop in Queens, and making lots of music. Then Genny Haley returned to sunny California (well, really to foggy San Francisco), leaving Steve Suffet behind to fend for himself on the fetid streets of the Big Apple. Now they are about to meet again for the first time in 60 years. We don't know what is going to happen, but we assure you it will be something wonderful.

    Genny Haley
    Genny Haley is a folk/roots music singer and songwriter. She is a founding member of the all-female Any Old Time String Band that recorded two albums, and that played regularly in the SF Bay Area and at major US and Canadian folk and bluegrass festivals and venues in the 1970s. Genny then sang for 21 years with the Zenith Jazz Band, a traditional New Orleans style band that also played festivals and recorded an album. She once drove a '66 Chevy Carryall across the country, camping in it, going to old-time and folk music festivals, and meeting her musical icons like Doc Watson and Alice Gerrard. Genny's songs, like that old truck, will take you lots of miles and keep running strong. On her recent CD, Blue Highways of My Heart, she invites you to ride shotgun, turn up the radio, open the window, and sing along while the wind blows your hair around. If you hear the ghosts of old Highway 99, don't be surprised - you're hearing real, authentic folk music from a real, authentic California original. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

    "Blue Highways of My Heart"

    Steve Suffet
    Better known in the United Kingdom than back home in the USA, Steve Suffet is best described as an old fashioned folksinger in the People's Music tradition, as well as a long-time Peoples' Voice Cafe performer. His repertoire is a mixture of railroad songs, trucker songs, coal miner songs, cowboy songs, union songs, old time ballads, blues, ragtime, Gospel, bluegrass, topical-political songs, Woody Guthrie songs, Irish songs, and whatever else tickles his fancy, including several songs he has written himself in traditional style. What all his songs have in common is that they are about working people, their lives, their loves, their hopes, and their struggles.

    "Where's My Bagel and Lox" and other songs

    Tonight's concert is co-sponsored by The Folk Music Society of New York.

    Saturday, May 18, 2024, at 8pm:

    What's In A Name? Poetry & Music Extravaganza

    This year's Season Finale brings together artists who combine the imagery and dynamism of spoken word with the rhythms and melodies of music. When these artists join forces, they create SPARKS! Expect joyous collaboration and improvisation, including a renaming ceremony to celebrate Fred's birthday and honor his mixed anti-racist heritage. The first time they played Peoples' Voice Cafe in 2016, they blew the roof off!

    Fred Arcoleo
    Pat Lamanna calls Fred "Don McLean meets Phil Ochs." His RALLY FOLK! MUSIC addresses the difficult truths of our times with courage, tenderness, optimism, and determination. His three albums to date have charted on Folk Radio, reaching as high as #7. His newest song, the multi-genre "History Speaks," addresses the present global crisis.

    Shanika Anderson
    Shanika possesses a rare and magnificent voice. Growing up singing in the church, she started writing songs when she was 12. In her mid-20s, she began devoting her attention to music that spoke out against police brutality, systemic racism, and imperialist war, and promoted unity among working-class people of the world. Her song "Too Many Names," which pays tribute to victims of racist police murders, was featured in Kathleen Foster's award-winning documentary Profiled. She will leave you spellbound.

    Demetrius Daniel
    Demetrius is renowned on the New York City poetry circuit and an instant hit anywhere he performs, pioneering a poetry-music hybrid called TROMBOETRY, infusing his spoken word creations with a New Orleans-style trombone gumbo. Stark Reality's Viviana Grell says Demetrius keeps audiences "engaged, entertained, and awake!"

    Robert Gibbons
    Robert Gibbons channels Langston Hughes into a riveting amalgam of spoken word and music steeped in blues and gospel traditions. Three Rooms Press published his first collection of poetry, Close to the Tree, which Miriam Hipsh calls deeply emotional truth-telling. Marc Primus notes, "The poetry of Robert Gibbons flows from him like a mighty river."

    Amber Atiya
    Born and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Amber's fiercely original multidisciplinary poetry mesmerizes audiences with her emotional honesty and profound insights into city life. A Poets House fellow, her chapbook The Fierce Bums of Doo-Wop is currently in its second printing.

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    PVC Solidarity Statement Against Racism

    Peoples' Voice Cafe, started in 1979 by members of Songs of Freedom and Struggle, carries forward the vision of using songs and performing arts to support the struggle for peace and justice.

    All are impacted by the history and ongoing practice of systemic racism in this country and the continuing brutal murders of Black Americans by police.

    We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, outraged by the many faces of racism found in education, healthcare, housing, jobs, poverty, criminal justice, and voting. All must be free to move about in the "land of the free" without suspicion, harassment, or arrest.

    Peoples' Voice Cafe stands committed to speak out, sing out, and work against racism, white supremacy, and indifference.