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The Peoples' Voice Cafe is sad to announce the death on October 16th of Ray Korona, who has been a guiding spirit of the Cafe since its early years. Ray's tireless dedication to the café; his generosity in sharing his time, skills, and talents; and the annual Ray Korona Band concerts celebrating our community cannot be replaced. His passing leaves a hole in the fabric of our lives that can be patched over but never mended.
The Community Church of New York Unitarian Universalist
40 East 35th St. (between Madison Ave. & Park Ave.)
New York, NY, 10016

to 33rd St. (two and a half short blocks to the church)
to 34th Street/Harold Square (three and a half long blocks)

All shows start at 8 PM, Saturdays; doors open at 7:30.
We do not accept reservations in advance, so come early to be assured of a seat.

$18 contribution -- more if you choose, less if you can't; no one turned away.
For members of Peoples' Voice Cafe the suggested contribution is $10.

Wheelchair accessible (including bathrooms). For info call 212-787-3903.

March 7, 2015:

Photo by Vicki Farmer

International Women's Day Celebration:
SONiA of disappear fear

From the Opera House in Sydney to the bomb shelters in Israel to the Woody Guthrie Festival, multiple first round Grammy nominee and singer-songwriter SONiA of disappear fear continues to excite and ignite audiences in the USA and around the world, playing rock, folk, country, Latin, blues and reggae with guitar, piano, and harmonica. She sings and writes in Hebrew, Spanish, English and Arabic. What makes SONiA SONiA is her powerful lyrics delivered with passion and hope. The honesty of her songs touches people from a wide spectrum of social and ethnic backgrounds, based on the premise that "when you disappear fear between people what you have is love".

March 14, 2015:

Emma's Revolution
Smart, funny and informative--like Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart with guitars--Emma's Revolution is the duo of award-winning activist musicians Pat Humphries & Sandy O. Their songs have been have been an integral part of justice movements for 30 years and have been sung for the Dalai Lama and covered by Holly Near. The duo's awards include Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and, for the second year in a row, the Washington Area Music Association's Fan Favorite Award. Emma's Revolution has released three CDs and recorded two with Holly Near, and Pat has two solo albums. Their uprising of truth, hope and a dash of irreverence is inspired by Emma Goldman's famous attribution, "If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution."

March 21, 2015:

Brooklyn Community Storytellers
The Brooklyn Community Storytellers is an eclectic group of performing artists, peace activists, musicians, educators, librarians, healers, ministers, and counselors. Since 1997, we have been spinning tales on stone stoops, in parks, churches, libraries, schools, and family gatherings. Tonight's program, Passion and Persistence, will feature the musician Mercy Van Vlack and the following storytellers:

Remi Gay  is an artist and dancer who specializes in Native American stories. She has worked with children at the Brooklyn Free School, telling Native American stories and leading dance workshops.

Susan Lippman, a storyteller, writer, and songwriter active in the Peoples' Voice Cafe, recently completed a book of original folk songs. She is a spiritual-atheist, a cynical-optimist, and a social worker, who uses stories to help children cope with stress and assists adult clients in creating their own stories.

Jeani Miller brings her unique talents, skills, and educational background to create an inspirational message that leaves a lasting impression on her audiences.

Adele Rolider
Come join the fun as singer-songwriter / music therapist Adele Rolider weaves her passionate web of original and cover tunes to inspire, warm and nurture through song. From jazz to spiritual, from love to grief to love again, she'll sing about building our community, and get you singing too! "And we're all connected and we need that too, gonna feed each other, gonna live what's true. And breathe......believe." With Cynthia Hilts on piano and vocals, and Adele on vocals and guitar.
"Adele's beautiful voice and empowering songs make me know a better world really is possible." --Ray Korona.

March 28, 2015:

Brooklyn Women's Chorus
CD Release Party! The Brooklyn Women's Chorus, directed by Bev Grant, is thrilled to announce the release of our CD, I Will Sing!, recorded live at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center in March 2014. We sing for social justice, peace and freedom, with a large repertoire of songs, including traditional labor songs, and contemporary songs written by Bev Grant, Pat Humphries, Jean Rohe and Jon Fromer, as well as Paul Simon, Garth Brooks and the Dixie Chicks. Come help us celebrate!

And coming up...

Apr 11: Raging Grannies; Patricia Shih

Apr 18: Ray Korona ˇPresente! produced by Ivice, with the Ray Korona Band and others

Apr 25: Sally Campbell; Pat Lamanna

May 2: Anne Hills, Harmonic Insurgence

May 9: 2nd Annual Pete Seeger Sing Along (PVC benefit)

May 16: The Cost of Freedom: Kent & Jackson State 1970-2015.
A Commemorative Concert with emma's revolution and Magpie, with readings by Vince Brown. Produced by Susie Erenrich. A project of the Cultural Center for Social Change and PVC.