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September 20, 2014:

The Johnson Girls
The Johnson Girls are an energetic all-woman a cappella group specializing in sea songs, which they consider the first real “world music”: a bubbling stew of styles culled from many lands. Crashing through the barrier of male-dominated maritime music, each of the Johnson Girls brings a specialty and style to the ensemble, including Afro-Caribbean sounds, songs of the inland waterways, Irish, Scottish, American, English, Italian and French ballads, and work songs. With an exciting sound full of harmony, the Johnson Girls bring audiences to their feet wherever they perform.

Hudson Valley Sally
Hudson Valley Sally is Terry Colliton, John Fisher, Jenny Murphy, Laurie Siegel, and David Tarlo. Their music is rooted in the tradition of activist folk music--an unending chain that goes back centuries and spans the globe. They are dedicated to keeping alive some of the oldest songs, and introducing some of the newest.
"Hudson Valley Sally sings with a freshness and innocence that reminds us why we fell in love with folk music in the first place." --Si Kahn

September 27, 2014:

Mountain Maidens & Friends
The Mountain Maidens are Marie Mularczyk O'Connell, Candice Baranello and Lorraine Berger, who play British and American folksongs on guitar, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, dumbec, bones and spoons. Tonight they are joined by Judi Meiselman from the folk quartet Joyful Noise and Debbie Cerruti from Soldier's Joy. Finally, Wild Ginger will join in with some Balkan tunes. Be prepared to hear songs of struggle, freedom, heartache, tragedy and joy from ancient, Medieval, and modern traditions.

Lizzie Hershon & The Living Room Singers
This group brings together the unique voices of Alison Kelley, Katie Browning, Chris Seymour, and Frank Woerner, and is led by Elizabeth Hershon. Members have performed solo and in various groups, including The Johnson Girls, The X Seamen’s Institute, and The NexTradition. Tonight they will present Love from Rags to Riches, by Sea or by Land, a program designed around traditional songs about class distinction and heart connection, and featuring rich harmonies and an eclectic repertoire.

October 11, 2014:

Filthy Rotten System
The Filthy Rotten System is a folk/rock/protest band grounded in the values of the Catholic Worker Movement, to which many of the members belong. The band plays regularly to support peace and justice for all people. They can be found out front at New York and New Jersey peace vigils, immigrant support marches and rallies, and a variety of events for progressive causes and for individuals who have devoted themselves to serving others. Activists all, the members of the band rock and will move you with their spirited versions of familiar songs and some powerful originals.

Steve Deasy
This Pittsburgh-born Detroit singer/songwriter is a classically trained, intelligent and serious acoustic folk musician with a wicked sense of humor and a Zen-like stage presence. Deasy's lyrics have been compared to Harry Chapin and Michael Peter Smith, and his music shows the influence of his early band days playing jazz, rock, funk, fusion and classical piano, bringing an intoxicating blend of complexity to his stripped down folk sound.

October 18, 2014:


Alexandra Bradbury
"Clever and cheerfully subversive" is how one fan described Al Bradbury's songs. Another refrain she often hears: "I don't usually like folk music, but that was great!" The songs she writes--a mix of funny and serious, parodies and originals--deal with work, organizing, this messed-up world, and what's to be done. Al lives in Brooklyn, where she co-edits the rank-and-file magazine and organizing project Labor Notes (the voice of labor activists who are "putting the movement back in the labor movement"). She's a proud member of Musicians Local 1000.

Ben Grosscup
Ben performs original songs of social critique, addressing issues such as student debt, ecological breakdown, and the madness of the authoritarian security state we live in. He performs songs of fellow artists that express a sensibility for radical social change and the longing for a free society. Ben's powerful voice and thumping guitar are the foundation for lyrics that make no apology for having a position on contemporary events. Based in Amherst, MA, he is an activist involved in organizing for immigrant rights, ecological justice, and resisting military violence. He serves on the Steering Committee of People’s Music Network.

Emma Graves
Miss Marie-Emma Graves, known as Emma by her friends and fans, only looks like a fresh face on the scene. She has been actively participating in folk music scenes from Upstate New York to the Jersey Shore since the early 90s and has performed in such unique locations as the Nobel Institute (Oslo, Norway) The Institute for Social Equality (San Francisco, CA) and Jalopy Theatre (Brooklyn, NY). Emma is known for her witty and somewhat pedantic musical tales.

October 25, 2014:

Judy Gorman
Judy Gorman's songs get their wings from her imagination and their roots from the folk, blues, jazz and gospel music she's been surrounded by all her life. Her earliest memories are of hearing the music of Billie Holiday, Woody Guthrie, Paul Robeson and Leadbelly, all of whom influenced her passionate vocals and her vision that another world is possible. Pete Seeger sums up Judy Gorman like this: "She came, she sang, she conquered. No two programs that she gives are the same. She is always thinking how to find the right phrase, the right song to hit the nail right on the head, to shoot the arrow straight to the heart of the matter. I hope she lives to be 100 and is able to bring her songs to every nook and cranny of this suffering world."

Arlon Bennett
An Americana/folk-pop songsmith, Arlon Bennett delivers timeless vignettes and melodies that recall Harry Chapin and James Taylor, but with an eloquence, emotional honesty and style all his own. He draws you in with that aw-shucks charisma before engaging you with songs that provoke, heal, and just plain cut right to your soul. Arlon is a three-time finalist in the prestigious Grassy Hill-Kerrville New Folk Competition and was twice selected by Noel Paul Stookey to perform in his Music2Life Showcase featuring some of America's best songs of social consciousness. Arlon’s fourth CD is World of Possibility, which was called "his best effort to date" by Richard Cuccaro of Acoustic Live! in NYC and Beyond.

November 1, 2014:

Pearls of Wisdom with Thelma Thomas
Thelma Ruffin Thomas is artistic director of The Pearls of Wisdom, a touring ensemble of elder storytellers. In richly narrated presentations she tells stories that illuminate her own past and our collective histories. She has brought her lively, spirited, authentic presentations to Tanzania, Brazil, Ghana, Costa Rica, The Gambia, South Africa, Russia, Australia, Kenya, and Camaroon, continuing the tradition of elder folk art stories. Thelma is a founding member of The African Folk Heritage Circle, Inc. and a member of the National Association of Black Storytellers and the Harlem Arts Alliance.

And coming up...

Nov 8: Jack Landron

Nov 15: Such As Us; Rustic Riders

Nov 22: Peoples's Voice Cafe 35th Anniversary Celebration, with Sally Campbell, Judy Gorman, Ray Korona Band, Professor Louie, Peter Pasco, Anne Price, and others to be announced.

Dec 6: Charlie King

Dec 13: New York City Labor Chorus

Dec 20: TBA